Membership of The Tunnel Target Sports Club and the West Dorset Rifle & Pistol Club

Adults: £25 per month standing order or an annual payment of £300

Juniors: £12.50 per month by standing order or an annual payment of £150

The Tunnel Target Sports Club is a separate organisation from the Target Sports Centre Ltd. The club is a miniature rifle club, using .22RF rifles.

Membership of The Tunnel Target Sports Club provides both individual shooting and competition during our club nights and full access to the private range complex owned and operated by the Target Sports Centre Ltd any time during their opening times (6 days a week). The Club uses membership subscriptions to hire the ranges so members do not pay any additional range fees.  Members can shoot as much and as often as they wish, subject to purchasing ammunition and targets (can be bought on- or off-site as preferred, depending upon whether the member has a personal Firearm Certificate). 

The Club's membership participate and compete in a wide range of shooting disciplines, including practical shooting.  If you would like to pursue any particular shooting discipline we are more than happy to assist help with finding coaching and appropriate equipment. The Tunnel now has an active membership of over 500 people, one of the largest in the South West, with two club nights per week, and several members progressing to international level shooting at The Tunnel.

The Target Sports Centre Ltd offers reduced charges to people who book the commercial shooting options having been introduced by a Club member.  The Club does not benefit from this provision.

Several full bore clubs make use of the Tunnel ranges, and the majority user is the West Dorset Rifle & Pistol Club. That club offers CSR, F Class and McQueens shooting, amongst other disciplines. The club shoots regularly at Bisley.  The club has Home Office Approval and is open to new applications. Membership of that club can be used to support an application for a firearm certificate. The fees are the same as shown above, however full members of the Tunnel Target Sports Club do not have to pay any additional membership fees for the West Dorset Club.

Membership application forms for the Tunnel Target Sports Club and the West Dorset Club can be collected from the Target Sports Centre, or be sent out by email upon request.

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