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Home Office Approved Target Shooting Clubs

Rifle, miniature rifle, and muzzle loading pistol clubs in England and Wales can apply to the Home Secretary for Home Office Approval. Once a Club is Home Office Approved (HOA), members of the club are permitted to possess/use firearms and ammunition of the types for which the Club is approved without holding a personal Firearm Certificate (FAC) while engaged as a member of the club in connection with target shooting. 

This means that anyone who wishes to experience or pursue rifle shooting may do so at a club without the need for their own FAC or associated storage burdens. This provides great opportunity to try different equipment and shooting disciplines. A person who wishes to possess firearms solely for the purpose of target shooting must be a full member of an Approved club.


Shooting Clubs at The Tunnel

A number of shooting clubs hire the ranges at The Tunnel (which is owned and operated by Target Sports Centre Ltd). The largest among these is West Dorset Rifle and Pistol Club (WDRPC), who use membership subscriptions to hire the ranges and equipment from Target Sports Centre Ltd on a standing basis.

This means that members of WDRPC do not pay any additional fees to use the ranges at The Tunnel and have free access to a range of rifles held there. WDRPC is approved for small-bore rifle, full-bore rifle, and muzzle-loading pistols and is typically able to make available sporting, target, and historic rifles in .22lr, .22WMR, .223, and .308.



Any shooters who wish to join West Dorset Rifle and Pistol Club may do so through the application form on their website:

One year's membership subscription is also available as a gift for friends or family wishing to start or further their target shooting by visiting our Gift Vouchers page, however the intended recipient must still complete an application form and be accepted for membership by the club.

Once successful, members of WDRPC:

  • Do not pay any range fees or equipment hire fees

  • May use the ranges at The Tunnel as often as they wish (subject to availability)

  • Are welcome to attend Club visits to the National Shooting Centre, Bisley, to shoot up to 1000 yards! (range fees payable to Bisley will apply)

  • May introduce friends and family to shooting through the Shooting Experiences offered by Target Sports Centre Ltd, for which a discounted rate is available.

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