25m small-bore Range

Our ground floor 25m range enables our clients to shoot from between 10m and 25m, and everything from airguns to centre-fire gallery rifles. The 25m range has four firing points with full extraction for black powder and observation windows family and friends can look on in comfort.

Our 25m range plays host to introductory sessions for beginners, gallery rifle shooting, pistol shooting, 10m air rifle and air pistol shooting, airsoft, practical shooting, black powder and .22 target shooting.

35m small-bore Range

Our first floor range, originally a 50m, is now perfect for those wanting a bit more of a challenge than the 25m, but not yet ready for the 100m range. Perfect for air guns and rated for .22 and gallery calibres. With four firing points and full extraction, the 35m is great for the intermediate shot as well as for training for 50m rifle and pistol precision disciplines.

100m full-bore range

Opened in 2013, the 100m full-bore range is our latest addition to The Target Sports Centre Ltd's range complex. The range is certificated for rifles and pistols up to .50 calibre and is the only five-lane, indoor, 100m full-bore range for civilian use in the country.

The range can be used from 25m, 50m, 75m or the full 100m with full extraction for black-powder firearms and is ideal for Civilian Service Rifle, target rifle, sporting rifle, bench-rest, practical shooting, and 50m free-pistol among many other disciplines. 

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  • AIS laser judgemental suite

  • On-site accommodation

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