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Give the gift of rifle shooting to friends and family!


For any aspiring or committed rifle shooters membership of an approved rifle club carries many benefits, and a year's membership subscription makes a perfect gift. Members of approved clubs are permitted to possess firearms and ammunition without their own Firearms Certificate (FAC) while engaged in target shooting with the club. This means that members have access to a wide range of small-bore and full-bore modern and historic rifles that are held at The Tunnel ranges for WDRPC members.


This means that members of WDRPC do not pay any additional fees to use the ranges at The Tunnel and have free access to a range of rifles held there. WDRPC is approved for small-bore rifle, full-bore rifle, and muzzle-loading pistol and is typically able to make available sporting and historic rifles in .22lr, .22WMR, .223, and .308.


For shooters with their own rifles already, membership still makes a great gift and allows them to develop their equipment and train at the ranges without paying any range fees.


*** Purchasing this voucher does not automatically make an application to the club on behalf of the recipient, nor does it guarantee that the recipient will be accepted by the club which is bound by its constitution and Home Office guidelines. The police are notified of all applications to the club and are also notified if the member fails to shoot during a 12 month period or if the member leaves the club. To utilise the membership subscription voucher the recipient must source an application form from the Club website (linked on the reverse of their gift card) and make the application to the Club (unless they are already a full member of WDRPC).


Application pack and more information is available here:


Gift Card for one year membership subscription of WDRPC

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