Section 7(3) Pistols at The Target Sports Centre Ltd

Section 7(3) of the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 is one of the provisions that allows a range of historic handguns to be possessed by the holders of firearm certificates (as part of a collection) rather than require a prohibited weapons authority from the Secretary of State.  This particular provision allows the certificate holder to keep the handgun (or handguns) at a specifically approved location and to shoot with it there.  The Target Sports Centre Ltd is one of just eleven such designated sites and the only one in the south west.

The Target Sports Centre Ltd has an active and growing number of collectors who meet regularly and shoot with their handguns.

The certificate holder will usually apply for authority to acquire a specific handgun which, as part of their collection, can be shown to meet one or more of the following criteria;‚Äč

  • Historic importance

  • Aesthetic qualities

  • Special technical interest

  • Particular rarity

  • There are no direct requirements as to the age or chambering of the handgun provided it meets the necessary criteria.  This means that even relatively modern handguns can be applied for successfully.

  • The possession and use of the handguns is permitted by the certificate only, so the handgun may not be lent to others.  The provision is not intended to enable competitive shooting, but to preserve handguns of genuine historic interest.

  • Detailed guidance on these provisions is contained in the Home Office Guide on Firearms Licensing Law, or from staff at The Tunnel.

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