Half-term opening hours
(15th Feb - 23rd Feb) 
Monday - 10am-5pm
Tuesday - 10am - 9pm
Wednesday - 10am - 9pm
Thursday - 10am - 9pm
Friday- closed
Saturday - 9am - 5pm
Sunday - 10am - 2pm

About The Tunnel

The Target Sports Centre Ltd. opened in July 2010 in The Tunnel,  a former road tunnel in Dorset to provide a range of shooting experiences for members of the public and training opportunities for the security industry. The Target Sports Centre formerly comprised two small-bore ranges and in 2012 we opened our indoor 100m full-bore range to cater for rifles up to .50BMG.

The Clubs

The Tunnel Target Sports Club is a miniature rifle club with over 500 active members. The Club hires ranges and shoots at The Tunnel, using .22RF rifles provided by the Target Sports Centre Ltd.

For people wanting to shoot full bore rifles/gallery rifles and/or would like to apply for their own firearm certificate, then the West Dorset Rifle & Pistol Club is one that shoots here and at Bisley, and is open to new applications.

Please see our Membership page for more information

Ranges and Facilities

The Target Sports Centre Ltd has three ranges on site. In the old road Tunnel we have a 25m, 4 point small-bore range and a 35m, 4 point small-bore range, each suitable for .22 target shooting, gallery rifle, black powder mini-rifle practical shooting and any pistol shooting that happens at The Tunnel.

The Centre also comprises our 4 point 100m full-bore range, suitable for up to .50 calibre,and wide range of shooting activities including Target Rifle, civilian service rifle, ammunition testing, chronographing or rifle zeroing.

3 ranges

Shooting experiences

Gun shop

How to shoot at The Tunnel

1. You hold a personal FAC and possess your own firearms

All of our ranges can be hired privately by individuals with their own firearms. Please call us on 01297 560049 or email to book your lane.

We can cater for zeroing, competition shooting, league cards, equipment testing, chronographing, ammunition testing, or just practising!

Our 25m and 35m ranges can be used with airgun, .22 or gallery rifles, and our 100m range can be used with rifles of up to .50 calibre.

2. You don't have your own firearms and would like to use some of ours

We have a range of Shooting Experiences suitable for novice or experienced shooters, individuals or groups. These include Experiences with small-bore target rifles, military-design rifles as well as full-bore and historic firearms. Please see our Shooting Experiences page for more details, and call or email to book your place.

3. As a member of The Tunnel Target Sports Club and/or the West Dorset Rifle & Pistol Club

The clubs use membership subscriptions to hire the private ranges from the Target Sports Centre Ltd. There are no additional range hire fees to pay.  We still recommend booking in so please be in touch to book as much range time as you need!

4. Corporate

Our indoor small-bore and full-bore ranges are available 7 days a week for commercial hire and we regularly cater for companies needing ranges for equipment testing, ammunition batch testing, range- and classroom-based training and testing by Registered Firearms Dealers. 

Please call us on 01297 560049 to speak with one of our staff to discuss your specific requirements.

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